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For Mankind

There is no way for me to articulate the awe I have for those involved in Mankind's greatest voyage to date, so I'm just going to steal a quote from Carl Sagan. 'Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale […]

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Gentle Giant

Peter Mayhew has passed away a few weeks shy of his 75th birthday. Despite being covered from head to foot in order to portray a walking carpet, his shuffling gait delivered more character than many of the million dollar digital creations of modern sci-fi movies. He helped bring the Fuzzball, The Beast, The Mighty Chewbacca, […]

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Rave In Peace

The Prodigy defined an era in my life. Voodoo People, Poison and No Good Start the Dance were staples on every mix-tape I made, I queued at midnight to buy the Fat of the Land CD, we blasted Firestarter out of our first car's stereos, and they were touring festivals throughout my late teens and […]

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What horse?

As my Red Dead 2 inspired rediscovery of all things 'wild west' continues, I have been reading up on the wagon-trains that would cross America on the Oregon trail. It seems such a wild notion now to be able to pack all your belongings into a box and head out into a largely unknown land, […]

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Cowboy Bar Brawl

Lets guess what game I've been playing? That's right! Pokemo- no. Clearly. Red Dead Redemption 2. And its magnificent. I'm as happy as a pig in poop just ambling down Big Valley or along the precarious trails in the Grizzlies. I've always loved a good western. The idea of a wild and unexplored world is […]

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Watch this!

Catching up and keeping pace with the late Terry Pratchett's Discworld books since the early nineties resulted in this world has being a constant source of inspiration for well over 20 years. Aware that Narrativia were casting a watchful eye over the future of the Discworld franchise, I've been cautiously confident that any further instalments will […]

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Christmas, the coldest place to hide

Once again the might Last Exit To Nowhere had me back to produce their Christmas (or other seasonal excuse for a holiday) cards. This year it was time for collective favourite, The Thing, to inspire a set of Little MacReady cards. As always, the cards are beautifully printed and well worth sending to your favourite […]

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Not aliens... yet.

Today NASA announced that they've found organic matter under an ancient lake bed on Mars, a strong indicator that the red planet was once home to life. Not bad for a 6yr old little* robot. That is awesome! Bloopy deep boop! I think this picture went a little closer to Pixar's Wall E. than I […]

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The return of F3-T7

Many, many moons ago I produced an image of an R2 unit painted in the colours of Boba Fett, and named him F3-7T. Recently I was contacted by Simon Battel of the UK R2D2 builders club. Hi Nick. I found a picture you did of a FETT R2D2 a couple of years ago and I liked […]

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May the 4th

When I saw pictures of the new Millennium Falcon from Solo, I was taken aback by how shiny and new she looked. Reluctantly I decided I liked her. Yet admitting to this feels like I'm cheating on the 'real' Falcon. So here she is in one of her finest moments, about to erupt from the […]

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Hypo full of Love

I was fortunate to see the mighty Alabama 3 again last weekend. Definitely one of the best nights out I've had in some time. They sit in the sweet spot that bridges my love of Dance, hiphop and folk. See. Rev. D. Wayne and Larry Love front the band. Pretty sure the latter is the […]

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Everyone is knocking about ideas for new Star wars films, including everything from Kenobi to Max Rebo (I genuinely heard a great idea for the latter...) but one character I've not heard much about is that bad motherhubbard Mace Windu. Dead you say? Poppycock! Jedi literally jump thousands of feet for fun, so being tossed […]

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X periment

**Edit: (Spoiler Alert) Well that was spectacular! Well played Space X! Today will hopefully go down in history with the successful launch of Space X's Falcon Heavy Rocket. If it goes without a hitch, it will pretty much see us on the path to becoming a multi-planetary civilisation. That said, Elon Musk has stated there's […]

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Wake up, its time to buy!

Following on from my previous post, I'm honoured to announce that the eternally awesome Last Exit To Nowhere have released this years greetings cards which are now on sale over at their store. The Little Deckard cards are, as always, the finest print quality, which will immediately increase your status amongst the humans you associate […]

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Diddy Deckard

So it is upon us. Many of you will have seen it. I'm 48 hours out from seeing a film that I'm more excited for than Star Wars. Seriously! Which is something I never thought I'd say. Blade Runner: 2049. Over the last couple of years the kindly chaps at Last Exit to Nowhere have […]

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Hipsterwan Kenobi

So fresh rumours today that there will in fact be an Obi-Wan film rolling into production. There have been many exciting things discussed about a potential Obi-Wan film online in recent months. 'If I was pitching one, it would be Obi-Wan as a nomadic warrior in the deserts of Tatooine, playing Bounty Hunters and Imperial […]

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'When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.' And go shopping. R.I.P.

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Stellar cast

It seems like I get less and less time to work on things of my own as of late. Speed paints are one thing, but developing ideas and honing 'finished' pieces of art is a rarity. That said, here's a little peek at something of my own that I've been working on for a while […]

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Wick. John Wick.

I love the world they've created with these films. The classy, covert world of assassins hotels, banks, tailors, and kennels. There's soo much scope for Chapter 3, and also 'The Continental', the series based on John Wick, and it seems hard to mess this franchise up.

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Well done lad

R.I.P Peter Sallis

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Desert Storm

Happy Star Wars day! I rather enjoyed Rogue One last year, and I'm really looking forward to further Star Wars Stories. As well as the Saga stories, you understand? If I was pitching one, it would be Obi-Wan as a nomadic warrior in the deserts of Tatooine, playing Bounty Hunters and Imperial death squads off […]

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Alpine Alien

Been a long time fan of the Alien franchise (despite a couple of weaker entries (we're also pretending AVP doesn't exist. At all.)) and I'm eagerly looking forward to Alien Covenant. From what I've seen so far its looking pretty 'on point'. The idea of seeing the xenomorph scuttling through forests is an intriguing one, […]

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Dangerous Elitist

Elite was the first computer game I loved. Sheets of hand written notes, price guides and star maps littered the computer room. 25 years later and I'm frame-shifting around the bubble and beyond, trading, smuggling and exploring (with a pinch of killin' in there for good measure). The game continues to expand but I've barely […]

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Trappist artist

Today NASA announced the discovery of 7 planets orbiting the star Trappist-1. 'All of these seven planets could have liquid water - key to life as we know it - under the right atmospheric conditions, but the chances are highest with the three in the habitable zone.' They're also close enough so that looking up […]

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Locals vs Aliens

Its rare that I'll sit down with the intention of producing some traditional looking landscape paintings, but after a few months of winter with the dramatic lighting that comes with it, I was inspired enough to do just that. Wharfedale's Almscliffe Crag and the Cow and Calf Rocks on the edge of Ilkley moor, were […]

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I've been catching up with a few movies recently, one of them being Spike Lee's CHI-RAQ. While it not going to be everyones cup of tea, I found the theatrical nature of the performances, the delivery of the comedy, and the poetic dialogue, reminiscent of shakespeare's work, especially in contemporary adaptations such as Baz Luhrman's […]

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Yule be good?

Yuletide salutations. I hope the man in red brings you and yours good fortune and good will.

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They mostly come out at Christmas, mostly.

For the second year running, I was commissioned to create another set of Christmas cards for Last Exit to Nowhere. This year, Ripley is the focus of the hero's fantasies. If you order a set now, you have plenty of time to get them to your nearest and dearest in time for the festive season. […]

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Dead Red

Well played ESA. You may not have had 100% success, but we're still one more step ahead and valuable lessons can be learn for the next ride. And in the meantime, TGO can continue sciencing as it hangs above the red planet. Alone. Snif ๐Ÿ™

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Rosie and Phil 4eva

Finally, they are together. The two little robots sent into deep space by the European Space agency will now drift on the back of the Rosetta comet for millennia. Maybe one day they will be considered ancient relics and gathered up by our descendants, as they move to another star. Until then. Congratulations and high […]

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The F in farm

Funny Farm was a great project to work on. Produced by Dubit, for Food Zoo Limited, the virtual reality (VR) aspect provided some challenges that we were forced to solve creatively. For the product to perform well in VR we had to produce a distinct art style with minimal information, yet still deliver a strong brand […]

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Artstation ILM Challenge Round 2b

Round 1 For the Second vehicle I wanted to add to the roster of Imperial ships. Their hulking grey, angular forms are descended from the mass produced military vehicles of WWII. American trains throw up some great shapes. They also frequently adhere to that 'Star Wars aesthetic' of being well used and feel like they've […]

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Artstation ILM Challenge Round 2a

See Round 1 here With my botched second image in round 1, I was genuinely amazed, but delighted, to make it through to round two, (roughly the top 10%!), but with round two titled 'The Ride', I knew I wasn't going any further. Vehicle design is something I've kept away from. Round 2 - Vehicle […]

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50 Trek

Oh, and happy birthday Star Trek. May the force be with you x

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Artstation ILM Challenge Round 1

Artstation recently hosted a 3 part challenge to produce art for Star Wars, to be judged by a selection of the finest artists from Industrial Light and Magic. Round 1 - The Momentโ€”Creating Keyframes Challenge: BriefCreate two keyframes  โ€“ an emotive still image that tells a cinematic story โ€“ within the world of Star Wars […]

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Whatchu Wandoo?

From time to time I post work that I was commissioned to do, even if its years later and I'm still proud of the work. Wandoo Planet is one such project. It was an interest finder app to help children source material related to their hobbies such as books, films, games, toys or anything else that […]

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Star Wars Celebration 2016!

Huzzah! The latest addition to my Little Destiny series is now available and if you want a signed copy, you should pop over to Star wars celebration, and visit the ACME Archives booth in S11 on Saturday between 12-2 where I'll be signing this, and other little destiny prints, and handing out free high fives on request. […]

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What Juno anyway?!

Congratulations to all those involved in NASA's Juno mission! After a five year voyage of 1.75 billion miles, their probe arrived into Jupiter's orbit this morning beginning a new chapter in our understanding of the gas giant and in turn solar system. Watching the images of the swirling gas giant arrive over the coming months […]

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How We Draw... Pandoo

I wrote a post and created a time-lapse video for Kids & Digital about part of the process for creating avatars for Pandoo Nation, a title I've been involved with. Click below. How We Draw... Pandoo

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Happy Star Wars day!

What timing! Here's a new addition to the Little Destiny series of Star Wars prints.  Little Ezra's Destiny, depicts Ezra from the fantastic Star Wars Rebels, out filching trooper helmets for his collection, available here. It was featured in an brief article on io9 today, which is awesome. All the other prints in the series are still […]

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426 (with free bonus video!)

Happy Aliens day! (almost) Apparently. I'm assuming the 26 of April is some kind of ancient pagan festival, and not a commercial ploy by a leading film studio to boost the popularity of one of their IPs. Right? Regardless, Alien and Aliens are spectacular movies. Fact. As well as both being seminal science fiction movies […]

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100101 101

Another speed paint. I know, I know, it's all I seem to get time for these days! The topic was 'Robot DJ'. Just for fun I turned it into a GIF to bring it alive ๐Ÿ™‚ Here's the Jpeg in case this one gives you a seizure. I hope it doesn't. Mental note: Forgo sleep. […]

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Speed Kaiju

Been indulging in a weekly speed paint (1hr limit) and have produced this sequence over three hours. I think it shows that the last one was completed over 2 half hour sessions, and I lost my way with it a bit. The moral? Forfeit lunch for better results.

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What a gem!

Without a doubt the finest TV show I've ever seen, Deadwood is a bruised and bloody, mud-stained delight. The multiple character arcs twist with tension and are awash with the darkest of dark humour and the authentic dialogue is so marvellously crafted that despite foulest of foul f**king language* it often feels like poetry. From Bullocks […]

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Haters gonna H8

I finally got round to watching The Hateful 8. Tarantino's ablity to play off tension, violence, and comedy is unparalleled and whilst not being his strongest work, its still a master-class. Brutal yet bloody hilarious. There were some great performances throughout, and I couldn't resist drawing up a couple of my favourites. I really hope […]

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Happy Birthday Roy!

Name: Roy Batty Model: Nexus Six Inception Deate: 08-01-16. Today. I've enjoyed films for as long as I can remember, but Blade Runner was shown in my art class when I was about 15, just at the point I was realising that movies were grown up and smart, as well as simple entertainment. With its […]

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The Force Awakens Pt2 (spoiler free, I promise)

There was so much to love here, the humour, the characters and their relationships / interaction / dialogue, BB8, Solo and Chewie, the Falcon-ohmygod the falcon, a great villain... I could go on but I wont. I'll just leave this image here instead of my frothy rant. Rey and some nods to her journey. I […]

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The Force Awakens Pt1 (spoiler free, I promise)

Star Wars: The force Awakens. It was magnificent. It wasn't flawless, but I had to scrabble about in the dark to find the flaws as they were lost amidst the fun, adventure, comedy and the visual spectacle. It was exactly what was needed form the new film. I loved it. It has delivered some of […]

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The highest Peake

Today Tim Peake, left planet earth on the Soyuz rocket and became the first British astronaut for the European Space Administration. I couldn't help but feel for his family who watched the launch, especially with a number of recent disasters in space travel as of late. Still, it all went smoothly and the Soyuz successfully […]

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Akatsuki came back (it just couldn't stay away)

In 2010 the Akatsuki spacecraft launched with the intent of entering the orbit of Venus. It failed, pulling a 'Darth Vader', and spun off into space. After a staggering recovery manoeuvre over a five year period and several orbits of the sun, the Japanese team managed a second attempt and Akatsuki is now safely orbiting […]

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You're so cool

Just got back from the BFI re-release of the flawless True Romance and had to sketch up a quick tribute (which is basically a frame from the movie). Scott delivered his usual visual flare but its Tarantino's poetic dialogue and a perfect balance of sweetness and brutality that made it something special. I wont even […]

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Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho.

I was recently commissioned by Last Exit To Nowhere to produce a series of Christmas cards for them, featuring a child emulating sequences form one of the all time greatest Christmas movies, Die Hard! Here's a  preview of a couple of the images. Head over to Last Exit To Nowhere now to buy a set, and […]

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Scary Noises

WooOOOoooOOOooooo...Screeeech!Shriek!Other scaaAAAaary nooOOOoooises!

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You are not a Jedi, yet.

Well whilst we're all excited about the poster, trailer and film, we shouldn't forget that series two of the excellent, Star Wars: Rebels show kicked off last week so now is a good a time as any to drop the recent pic of Ezra into the frenzy. I don't know how tightly they're going to […]

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A Miniature Epic

Well its been a while since my last post. Apologies. A summer break turned into autumn and suddenly winter is approaching. Aaaanyhoo... Here's some images from an idea I've been playing with for a while now about a lone wanderer known only as Meek. 'Meek was a gifted slayer. He slayed like whirling twirlers danced. […]

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New Horizons

Mankind's exploration of our solar system has taken another great leap as, after almost a decade, NASA's New Horizons mission has made it to the Pluto system and begun sending pictures.  Congratulations you brilliant, brilliant people, you! 'Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers and we are wanderers still.' - Carl Sagan So, […]

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Shadow Of the Giant

Chewie his up there with Fett as my favourite Star Wars character so I was hugely excited to see him return for the trailer for The Force Awakens. I really hope we get to see him tearing up the place and going 'full Wookiee' on some hapless troopers. In the words of the Mighty Chewbacca […]

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Rosetta: One Little Comet

Well in a surprising follow up to Novembers Rosetta image, Philae is alive! Today ESA announced that Philae had made contact for little over a minute but are hopeful it will continue to communicate. Goooo science!

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A follow on from my recent Human Child post that shows something further down the line. Question though, does the text work? I mean, the robot dialogue is supposed to be tricky to read, but does it detract from the image? I've yet to make up my mind.

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Well played

Scarmanga Flay Saruman Dooku Dr Catheter DEATH Christopher Lee 1922 - 2015

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Human Child

Spent some time in Northumbria recently, clambering around on Hadrien's wall and other Roman ruins. The forests in that part of the world were thick with damp moss and dew, and had a real unearthly feel to them, so it was only a matter of time before my pictures reflected the inspiration they provided. As […]

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May the 4th: Rogue One

I have no right to be excited about Rogue One. But I am. Very. A huge fan of Gareth Edwards' work and I've always hoped to see Star Wars with a bit more of an edge and a slightly darker tone. At this stage this looks to be that. May the 4th be with you.

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Mr. Fox

I've just started reading Fantastic Mr. Fox to my son. I was a huge fan of Dahl's work as a child, with Danny the Champion of the World and the BFG being personal favourites, and I'm hoping to pass on this appreciation to my kids. Such is the imagery created I immediately came to my […]

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Been working on doodles for a few long term projects as of late so not had a lot to show, but here's a couple of images I did for some semi regular speed-paint session I take part in with some colleagues.  The first was done for the brief of 'Dark Fairytale'. Forests always conjure up […]

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Star Wars Celebration 2015

Its Star Wars Celebration 2015 in Anaheim. For those of you who cant make it over to pick up my Little Boba's Destiny print, it is now available on-line at Acme Archives. Woop! I should remind you that you can still pick up the other entries in the series. And you should! All of them. […]

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Thank you Terry. RIP? Bugger that! Give 'em hell.

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Little Fett's Destiny

Boba Fett. Almost certainly my all-time favourite character from the Star Wars universe. I thought I'd have fun make him as unassuming and cute as possible. Unlike the super-cool bad-ass we've decided he is. This will be available as an officially licensed, limited edition print shortly, but I thought I'd give you guys an advance […]

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Final Frontier :-(

Spock. The most iconic character in one of the most iconic TV shows in history. Star Treks themes of exploration and adventure have not only inspired generations of science fiction but also many of the scientists that currently advance our understanding of the universe. Whilst I can't claim to be a trekker myself, Star Trek has […]

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Return to the Planet of the Apes

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of the Planet of the Apes films (and TV series. Deal with it) and while not every entry into the franchise has been flawless the two recent films have really shown the strengths of the story. I really hope that this incarnation of the […]

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Dead or Alive

So a short while ago* I duped a group of friends and family into throwing a few hours of their valuable time into my latest vanity project. The following short film was a project that would allow me to learn more about the processes behind film making, and I definitely learned some valuable lessons. WARNING: […]

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Happy New Year!

Well so far this winter there's been nothing but grey clouds and wet rain, with only a few nights of frost. Nothing like the crisp crunchy snowfall I'm hoping for. Still a few months left yet but its not looking hopeful. I didn't get to my study anywhere near enough over the holiday period, but […]

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Worlds at War

I've recently seen some samples of some really nice black and white art and wanted to have a stab at doing something that was different to my usual, over saturated style. Having recently been re-acquainted with Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, and having been a lifelong fan of the source material I thought it […]

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Time to die

I was fortunate enough to catch Blade Runner at the cinema for the first time tonight. Despite being one of my favourite movies its surprising how much more details in both sound and picture come to light on the big screen. This doodle was initially going to be a black and white sketch but I […]

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Red Wood

While I'm much prefer summer I cant deny that the hues that autumn throws up can be amazing. The reds and oranges are can often be enhanced by the arrival of the low lying winter sun. that makes everything glow as the light passes through it. After taking a walk on a sunny autumn day […]

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Rosetta: Two little robots

Today, two little robots completed one of the most complex and ambitious missions ever undertaken by mankind, the prime objective of which is to understand the origins of our solar system. No pressure then. Travelling over 6.5 billion kilometres they caught up with the comet travelling at at almost 135,000 mph and landed today at […]

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Michael Tyner Alsbury was killed on Friday, serving as a test pilot on Virgin Galactic's Space Ship Two. For as long as I can remember I've had a fascination with space and I've watched with great interest as the Shuttle programme came to an end and the next chapter in space travel begun. Whatever you […]

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Trick or Treat

No breeze in the branches, no creaks, no distant groans,just quiet cracking in answer to hobnail boots on infant bones. Happy Halloween ๐Ÿ™‚ The result of a 1hr speed paint. I think I need to do more of these.

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Morning Star and I of the Storm

So here's a couple of more planet illustrations following on from last years Mars picture. Although never intentional the opposing temperaments of the images worked out quite well with Venus being so calm and serene and Jupiter being a far more aggressive piece. I wanted to convey Jupiter's vast scale in comparison to our other […]

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Space. In colour.

The final frontier... to what exactly? I've been playing the Elite beta. I loved Elite as a kid and this latest incarnation has not let me down. Same game play (more or less) but with the most breathtaking visuals you can imagine. The imagery inspired me to produce these pictures. So we have the view […]

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Pure Evil Genius - Part III

(Part I) Finally it was time to develop the characters that would populate your lair. Due to the nature of a hench-person, I took the view that they were likely to be 'done away with' by a want to be planet saver on a fairly regular basis. With that in mind I wanted to create […]

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Pure Evil Genius - Part II

(Part I) With the aim of the game being to grow your empire and with the minimal art style of the game taking shape I began to look at the creations that would populate your evil lair. Creating these devices using such a limited pallette was a fun challenge, but relying on simple shapes meant […]

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Pure Evil Genius - Part I

A couple of years ago I worked up some concept art for an untitled game at Rivet Studios. Purely for design purposes I christened it Pure Evil Genius (working title) thereby having some text to experiment with the art style. The aim of the game was to work your way up from a mild annoyance […]

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Clickity Clacks

Having recently started on the 40th entry Raising Steam (not finished yet, so no spoilers) I was immediately drawn to my sketchbook to try and translate the words on the paper into images. The greatest character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld books is the bustling, crumbling, stumbling but undeniably majestic capital city of Ankh-Morpork. It has […]

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Eagle Hunter hunter

So its been a busy few weeks resulting in a lack of attention paid to this blog. However as things have settled down I've taken the liberty of a bit of downtime and begun creating some more pictures. First off is the second part of my Eagle Hunters image that i posted back in April. […]

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Happy Star Wars Day! As Star Wars begins its move into a new era I'd like to pay tribute to my favorite chapter in the rich history of the expanded universe, The Clone Wars. Over the last decade this chapter has provided some of the finest moments in the Star Wars saga. Beginning with Genndy […]

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Where the eagles soar

I've always enjoyed reading about the small pockets of civilization that continue to live with their culture relatively unchanged for hundreds, if not thousands of years, so I was fascinated  by a story on the BBC about a Kazakh girl who is training to hunt with a golden eagle amongst the Altai mountain range in […]

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Titanfall servers down = a couple of hours of creativity. (So the following is a wee bit rushed.) I've been out of the house early enough to see the sun rise a few times recently and while this isn't an interpretation of any particular location, its a refreshing site to see the valleys still cool […]

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Wow. had a few issues uploading this without it being distorted beyond what's reasonable. I can only assume it was with all the red. So, with that sorted... I recently saw a competition about designing a warrior and so began throwing around shapes and colours but after a while I diverted from the brief of […]

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Clash of the Titans

Well, over the last few days I've had passionate relationship full of excitement, fear, rage and tears, but alas, the Titanfall Beta was never going to be forever. Off the back of that fling I was finally teased into doing something I've rarely attempted: Hard surface illustration. Namely, a giant Mecha. (For the uninitiated, that's […]

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Los Vengadores Mexicanos!!!

I've long been a fan of Robert Rodriguez's films and have enjoyed the splat happy, continuity lacking, insanity of the 'Mexiverse' many of his films erupt from. Having finished watching Machete Kills I felt it necessary to produce the following faux poster, something I've been meddling with for several years. A team up of all […]

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Charming Prints

Hey! You! My most recent Destiny images, Little Chewie's Destiny and Little Vader's Destiny, are now on sale over at ACME Archives. I think they'd look great on your wall. Heck, you've been working hard right? There's still a few Han, Luke and Leia images left. Why not treat yourself to two! A matching set! […]

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Moor Work

So, happy new year. I'm a bit slow off the mark but I'll just start this off with a quick sketch of some local moorland I produced this evening once the family were all tucked away in bed. Got a lot of ideas on the go so I'm going to have to be stringent with […]

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Who do? You do? Pandoo!

Pandoo Nation is a forthcoming game that blends virtual entertainment with real life by allowing its community to have a direct impact on a number of charitable causes. To learn more about this original concept, check out the teaser trailer. I had the opportunity to develop the look and feel of Pandoo Island along side […]

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Sith are red and Wookies are... blue?

So in order to placate your frothing desire to learn about the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII (no?... Just me then?) here's some previews of the next characters to get the 'Destiny' treatment, Little Vader and Little Chewy. Both will be receiving limited print runs, fully certified by Lucasfilm, in the near future. Keep an […]

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Sketchbook Medley

Ok. My time has been elsewhere as of late but despite being AFK I've still found the odd moment to meddle in my sketchbook. Here's a small selection of what I've done over the last few weeks, mildlyenhanced to ease me back to work. I'll possibly colour a couple of these up. One day.  

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Welcome to the official GRAND OPENING!

Due to popular (and unpopular) demand, I can finally announce that my new on-line store is open for business. To coincide with the opening, I'm happy to announce I'll be taking orders for the full set of Destiny prints, officially approved and certified by Lucasfilm. Exclusively to my own store, each of these prints will […]

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Lets get ready to rruuumble! - Part III

(Part I) The primals are a colourful bunch of characters, Colour is a simple yet successful way of differentiating between environments, and certain hues immediately bring to mind certain geographical regions. Because of this its easy to dream up surroundings such as ice, desert and jungle levels as they're easily associated with a specific hue. […]

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Lets get ready to rrruuuumble! - Part II

(Part I) With the characters and the style of Primal Rumble taking shape, I felt it was important to deliver a series of concept images that would promote the rich colour palette and the kind of humour that should be present in the game. You know, dinosaurs calmly assaulting on each other. In lavish environments. […]

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Lets get ready to rrruuuumble! - Part I

At the beginning of the year I worked on a project for Rivet Studios that featured dinosaurs. Which are cool. FACT! Primal Rumble required cute, colourful and iconic characters that couldn't look out of place kicking seven shades of dino doo-doo out of each other and after a couple of days of intensive sketching I […]

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Well, here we are.

With the fresh theories of Martian Panspermia, I guess today would be an appropriate time for me to post this follow up to my Steps, leaps and bounds image. I recently re-read Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars. It being a fairly weighty book, I spent several weeks engrossed in and thereby inspired by our ongoing […]

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All new!

So first of all, LOOK! What an exciting new look blog! And WOW! What an exciting new look website (all updated with shiny new art)! You'd better show this to all of your friends! (waits for applause...) OK, now that's out of the way... It's been a long time coming but I always intended the […]

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San Diego 2013

Well having my work on sale there is the closest I've come so far to getting my geek on at San Diego Comi-Con. If you weren't able to make it along then my 'Shadow Of the Hunter' picture is now available on Acme Archives website so if you're a fan of Fett, swap the family […]

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Bayou 2112

OK, enough ranting about the fate of comic book movies... I wanted to produce a hot, lazy, hazy evening on a calm bayou, but a futuristic image of somewhere that is almost unchanged despite huge advances in technology. I think I was inspired when watching a documentary about cultures who are so far removed from […]

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An open Letter to Warner Bros

I needed to air my desires for the continuation of the DC universe on screen following recent statements suggesting that the Dark knight trilogy won't be part of the cinematic canon. This seemed like the best place.   As with the recent Dark Knight Trilogy the following ideas take plots form key DC comics weaving […]

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Svensk vol. II

Anticipating a bit of time off this summer I got to thinking about last years trip to Sweden and I realised I hadn't done the planned follow up to last years wind farm painting 'Svensk' despite knowing exactly what I wanted to do. So I did it.   Although based heavily on the picturesque inlets […]

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Following on from my recent Robin of Loxley picture, depicting Robin Hood and Little John, I present (a slightly rushed) Will Scarlet. Throughout Robin Hood lore, several references are made to Scarlet being the finest swordsman in the merry men so I thought it would be fun to have him as some kind of martial […]

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Fine art?

Promise I'll post some more art soon, but for now I'll continue pimping out this. Little Luke's Destiny available on the official Star Wars fine art website. Get to it!   http://www.starwarsfineart.com/product/SWOTLTD233P/Little-Luke%27s-Destiny.html?cid= And yes, as people have been asking, I'm working on others in the series ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Imagine that!

Just a quick one to say that I just noticed the nice people at Imagine FX made my recent Loxley picture their image of the day. Very kind of them ๐Ÿ™‚ Follow the link to see Nicola's kind words http://beta.imaginefx.com/image-day-69098 And here is my original post http://nscurfield.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/robin-of-loxley.html Or just scroll down a bit ๐Ÿ™‚

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Its May the fourth so its only fitting that I announce (in a frothing fit of rabid excitement) that two of my recent Star Wars pieces have been officially approved by Lucasfilm an will shortly be available to order via www.starwarsfineart.com/ As a life long fan Star Wars has been a constant source of inspiration […]

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So here's the Littlejon character design I did for my recent picture. I wanted to make him, not only tall but built like the proverbial 'out' house. Giving him the neck of an ox weighted him really nicely, resulting in a powerful looking figure who would calmly bat away even the most aggressive opponent with […]

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Robin of Loxley

I was looking for a small project that had enough mileage for me to be able to produce both characters and also a rich environment for them to sit in. Enter, Robin Hood. I selected the famous moment when Robin hood encounters Little John for the first time, described below in one of the 17th […]

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The Evil Queen Bavmorda

I've harked on about Star Wars more than once on here, but there is another film that I used to adore as a kid. Willow. I LOVED it. It was on one Christmas and recording it I proceeded to watch it as often an humanly possible to the degree that I can still recite vast […]

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The Next Link

Not been able to throw myself into my personal work as much as i'd like as of late so I set myself the challenge of doing a picture in just one hour. I managed to complete this in just under. Inspired by watching a documentary showing that primates have now been recorded using a number […]

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Boba Fett

Despite any official Announcement its looking likely that along with Han Solo, revered Bounty Hunter and fan favourite of the Star Wars saga Boba Fett is to be the star of his own film, so this seems to be as good a time as any to put out this image:-) Last year I did an […]

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The Return of Space Jane

Its not the first time Iโ€™ve drawn space Jane but this is definitely a new approach. I wanted to retain the 60s inspired elements of her space suit (the miniskirt, boots, Afro-esque helmet and that eras utter lack of political correctness), yet give the image a more updated feel with a richer palette. Deciding on […]

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Happy noo yeah! I figured I should start back after a holiday break with something fresh and exciting! Star Wars! Bah, OK, so not fresh. Comfortable? Definitely. Regardless, this image is the first in a series of pictures depicting key characters from the series as 'younglings', engaging in acts that reference key moments from their […]

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This image was inspired by some photos of a friend of mine, who currently goes by the pseudonym of SP076 (I'm pretty sure this was his cell number at some point), and his accomplices creating some street art. I thought there was a great contradiction between the flowers in the long grass and the concrete […]

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Shanta... hic!

Well its that time of year again where an ancient pagan ritual results in collective days off and an excuse for over indulgence. During this festive period I shall continue sneaking down to my bat-cave, whittling my quill into a sharp point and topping up the ink wells in preparation for a new year of […]

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I'm managing to slowly indoctrinate my son into geek culture starting with the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons form the 30s/40s. Despite the questionable racial stereotypes (see the episode 'Japotage'), a product of wartime propaganda, they're still fantastic productions that clearly influenced the equally brilliant 'Batman: The Animated Series'. Referencing those via the retro Superman logo […]

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Horned Beast

Dinosaurs have become increasingly popular in our house, courtesy of my 2 year old son. I remember being interested in them but not really knowing any of the details that I've recently been reading up on (in an ongoing attempt to be able to impart wisdom). For example: Chronologically the T-Rex lived closer to humans […]

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Last Exit To Nowhere

OK, I swear I'll get back to drawing soon. For real. I've got a few lovely things in the works and I'll have them finished off very soon, but before I do here's another tiny film that I've put together for a 30 second film competition. Trying to pace a 30 second story in which […]

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Trick or Treat

Well, Early Bird secured best comedy award at Film the House 2012. Hardly the Oscars, but not too shabby for a first try. Very surprised, flattered and pleased with that result and congrats to the other winners and especially to overall winner Patrick Ryder for his short Cerberus. Well despite my best attempts, life has […]

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Blast from the past

Well, what a fun week. Firstly, Mr Jeremy 'Boba Fett' Bulloch dropped me a note to express his amusement at my recent F3-7T picture, which is rather excellent in its self. Secondly, I've just been informed that my short film Early Bird has been selected as a finalist of the 2012 Film the House competition, […]

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I've harked on about my undying love of all things Star Wars in past posts, so I'll keep this short. I wanted to take Artoo's cocky little frame and bestow it with some of the razor sharp coolness usually reserved for Mr B. Fett. I don't know if its because its getting late or I've […]

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While its been several years since i picked up a copy of any of 2000AD's titles I cant deny that they were a staple part of my cultural diet throughout my teens and a stack of well thumbed issues still reside under my desk (Its been said that I'm something of a hoarder), too loved […]

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Steps, Leaps and Bounds

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on another world and thereby performing one of the greatest feats in all of human history. Awesome. I created this picture by way of doffing my cap. Well played NASA, well played indeed.

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Svensk vol. I

I've always been a bit of a fan of a good road trip. Which is lucky as I've just driven across the entirety of Denmark, up into Sweden and back. I always find it fascinating watching the landscape change, and Sweden was no exception. The southern part seemed to consist of hundreds of miles farm […]

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Day 401

I have a real love for the loose and minimalist concept art that is produced for a lot of films and games, yet the ability to just go to work on a virtual canvas with no pre-drawn elements is something that i've always found daunting. Inspired by some of the art on the website CGHub, […]

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As a long time fan of Batman I've been eagerly awaiting the finale to Nolan's trilogy since the credits rolled on the Dark Knight, a film I see as dangerously close to being perfect. I was doodling away in my sketchbook when I saw a TV spot for the Dark Knight Rises. Banging out a […]

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Me Tarzan, you Jane.

Its been a busy few weeks, especially having dedicated a lot of time to a new personal project that I'll bring up at a (not too much) later date. Despite that, I've managed to finish off an image that was started over Easter, inspired by the old black and white Tarzan movies I used to […]

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Final whistle

This is a bit of a departure for me in terms of style, inspiration and subject matter. The only time I ever pay attention to 'that football' (or Soccer if you're yet to learn English ๐Ÿ˜‰ is during the Euro and World Cup. However I can't deny that the sport generates some powerful imagery and […]

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I attended a film festival at the Quad in Derby at the weekend where i was lucky enough to see Paddy Considine's seminar, do some networking and see the legendary BRIAN BLESSED in conversation (his name should never be printed in lower case). Conversation turned out to be a misleading term as the interviewer was […]

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The Mighty Chewbacca

Whatever you think of Star Wars, theres no denying that the multitude of cartoons, comics, books, toys, video games and movies that followed the original films have become a cultural phenomenon. Personally, some of my earliest memories involve some of the spaceships and aliens from this saga and the iconic creations have seeped deep into […]

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Seamen love a Breeze

Next up, another poster from the fictional Rig City. Existing only in my head I had an idea a while back to try and explore this place through the posters that adorn the walls as well as providing an image that worked as a one off piece. My main concern with these images is just […]

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Having a teacher in the house means that all schedules are thrown to the dogs when the holidays arrive. Though this time the break has been quite welcome. Despite spending time with my family I've still managed to sneak down to my batcave in the dead of night (well... late evening at least) to create […]

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Here be dragons!

Its taken me a while to sneak this in amongst my work, but I late last night I finally finished it off. (I wonder if this is connected to me ending my time in Skyrim?) I wanted to do a sea-monster that delivered something other than a plesiosaur or the old legendary sea serpents. Playing […]

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Sketchbook medley

I initially started this blog in order to show off my sketchbook doodlings rather than put out shiny polished pieces, but that seems to have been forgotten. As its been a busy start to 2012 I've not been on to that many polished images (at least, not that im allowed to show you. (Yet.)) So […]

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A rush job today. A friend of mine messaged me this morning regarding his idea for a 3D model of Ryan Goslings character in the sublime film (and the best of 2011 in my opinion) Drive. Rather than trying to describe how Mr Gosling should look, i knocked up this quick character sketch detailing how […]

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Alp! Alp!

Back to the scribbling after a healthy Christmas break. Its nice to be back in my Bat-cave, pencil in hand and photoshop chugging away in front of me. This image is taken from a story I wrote a while back, the same one featuring the bemoobed troll I posted in October. Its not fully illustrated […]

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Early Bird

Due to tight deadlines, Christmas festivities and a bit of quality family time, I haven't been doodling as much as I'd like so I've nothing much to share except this little project. This film making hobby is something I'd like to spend more time doing in the future hopefully resulting in a project that I'm […]

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Little house on an alien prarie

The news is hardly a barrel of laughs these days and with Stephen Hawkins effectively stating we have to leave the planet or die i was even more encouraged to create somewhere alien, peaceful and calm. When we begin exploring the galaxy in earnest i imagine that there will be a lot of similarities between […]

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In space, Jane will hear you scream

I've always enjoyed the graphic qualities of old sci-fi movie posters, specifically the patterns and textures that came from the now defunct printing techniques of the first half of the 20th century. I wanted to take some of these techniques and mix them up with a slice of 70's - 80's sci-fi and see what […]

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Bog Troll

Before I went away over summer i spent an afternoon backing up files, something i don't do nearly often enough. It always takes much longer than it should as i start reading through bits of random story ideas or looking at half finished images. This time i read a few stories that I rather enjoyed. […]

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Baby on the move

Wow, a busy summer of both work and play has meant that I've been pretty lax on any kind of communication. Its been fun, but with the weather taking a turn for the worse I'm going to put some effort into my sketchbook and try and get some personal projects finished off. That is if […]

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There was art.

I've been a fan of Pratchett's work ever since my dad introduced me when I was 14. Recently I was playing through the Assassins creed games and during the last chapter all I could think of was how much fun it would be to use its parkour mechanics to navigate the great Discworld city of […]

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In the beginning...

Ok. So i guess this is a blog. Lets just see how that works out shall we? I've no real experience of this form of self promotion other than a couple of friends and family who've embarked on something similar in the past. Anyway, to kick off here's a picture. I was inspired by the […]

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